Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Outside the Big Top in Denver, there are all kinds of things to delight us at the sideshow. Take the primary election victory of Alaska Senator Ted Stevens who is under indictment for concealing a quarter million in free stuff from an oil services company. Ted is very popular amongst his constituents for bringing Federal money into the state even if he skims a little when nobody's looking. Incumbent Alaska Representative Don Young is also in a very tight contest ( currently too close to call) despite being under investigation for taking money from VECO, the former oil services company and for pushing through a questionable earmark for a Florida road project. One has to wonder if Alaska Republicans are very concerned with the imagined ethical failings of Barak Obama, the farleftliberal.

Meanwhile back here in Florida, people who are intent on restoring the integrity of the Republican Party, as one neighbor of mine says, have selected Tom Rooney to run for the House seat vacated by the lacivious boy-loving Mark Foley and now occupied by Democrat TIm Mahoney. Tom of course is the scion of the Rooney Family who owns numerous gambling enterprises in Florida and New York along with the Pittsburgh Steelers Football franchise. We can be sure Tom will never take into account what's good for gambling when determining what's good for Florida. Even if he does, he's not a "farleftliberal."

A more cynical man than I am might be convinced that Republicans not only can be bought, but can be bought cheaply with a few mumblings about abortion, farleftliberals and America's "Greatness." To be a cynic however implies that the critic actualy cares. I don't. I'm happy to let it all fall apart if for no other reason than to spite the McCain idiots who challenge Obama for not attacking with sufficient anger, anyone who questions America's "greatness" and god given right to world domination. The world would be far better off without people like that and if we indeed are like that, the world would be better off without us.


Swampcracker said...

Meanwhile back here in Florida, people who are intent on restoring the integrity of the Republican Party

This one goes to the top of my oxymoron list.

Capt. Fogg said...

It's hard to say it without a snicker, isn't it?