Monday, October 06, 2008

A criminal and the friend of criminals

While we're being entertained by the fabulous fictions of Sarah Palin, perhaps it's time to look at the lumps under the McCain carpet. They are big enough to trip over.

Sarah isn't old enough or aware enough to remember, ( or possibly not honest enough) but I am. It's time to bring up the Keating 5 scandal. It's time to see what part John S. McCain III took in screwing the American people out of 3.4 billion by covering up criminal activities and accepting money for his part in the fraud. It's time to recognize that he did it for money and power, that he has always played an important part in the look the other way deregulation that has resulted in the biggest financial debacle in my lifetime.

This is real, this is important, this is crucial. No he wasn't exonerated ane no he hasn't changed his politics. Instead he hires Bud "Swift Boat" Day as a slime source. He has his minions circulate e-mail hoaxes about al Qaeda paying for Obama's education, about his chief adviser being an Iranian, about his campaign being financed by the Chinese, the Pakistanis and other bogeymen dear to the imaginations of the bigots and idiots who support him. He persists in spreading through his proxies, the myth that Obama is a Muslim.

You can't argue an idiot into being smart, but we can and must make people remember the John McCain version 1.1 -- the version before the painted up cardboard McCain of today.

Watch this 13 minute mini-documentary: Keating Economics. Tell your friends not to vote for crooks and liars. Learn how John McCain is the problem, not the solution.


d.K. said...

Here's a great article from Rolling Stone which shows that, other than his (GWB) being a better pilot, there aren't so many differences between John McCain's trajectory and that of our current president. I highly recommend it if you haven't read it:

d.K. said...

Oops. Looks like the URL was lopped off:

HREF="">Fake Maverick


Capt. Fogg said...

I read it - someone else sent me the URL the other day.

There is something about guys like those two that makes people want to vote for them. I wish I could understand, but then I just can't drink enough for it to make sense.