Sunday, November 09, 2008

The war that wasn't

Well the election is over, but the struggle will go on forever -- the struggle to pretend there's a War on Christmas, that is. As early as a week before the election, e-mails were hitting the web claiming Home Depot had plenty of Hanukkah stuff but no mention of Christmas: none. The one I got was in the form of a letter from Donald Wildmon, Chairman of the American Family Association and excoriates the "politically correct" people for "censoring" Christmas. It urges you to e-mail Home Depot and warns you that these villains may "block" your message.

As usual with messages that mention "family Values" or contain pictures of the flag or the World Trade Center in flames, it's bullshit designed to elicit the knee jerk reaction American jerks can be depended upon to make. By "Politically Correct" of course, they mean Jews and perhaps atheists: anyone who isn't supportive of making this secular Republic into Jesustan, complete with mandatory religious observances, oaths and recitations.

Some people would think that October 27th would be a bit early to start flooding the web site with Christmas promotions. Customers typically are out buying Halloween supplies and decorations at that point, but apparently the AFA is more concerned with their bogus message than with any pretense to objectivity. While stores seem to be pushing Christmas stuff earlier and earlier recently, it's probably done out of desperation born of the economic crisis and not from the demented sputterings of Wildmon's wildcats. Home Depot already has Christmas ads up and it's still weeks before Thanksgiving. Christmas is the only holiday mentioned by name.

I'm sure Fake News will be picking up the story and running with it soon enough, but check for yourself. It's Christmas time at Home Depot, just as it was last year when these miscreants insisted no Christmas trees were for sale at Home Depot, only Jew stuff. Of course last year, the local HD had at least half an acre of them and I'm sure it will once again, once it's actually the Christmas season.

Still, there will be believers and believers will believe and Fox News and AFA and all the other people and organizations for whom Jesus weeps will be helping their delusions. They're not doing it for Jesus, they've been defeated at the polls and must redouble their efforts to snap and grasp at the ankles of Lady Liberty like predatory animals, hoping to bring her down.

Perhaps you'd like to contact the American Family Association and tell them what you think about their war on religious freedom. Perhaps you'd like to tell them that Christmas is a national holiday, and nobody in the government will ever tell you not to say Merry Christmas or will try to ban the holiday, nor is anyone "trying to silence the Christians" by asking them not to silence the rest of us. Perhaps you'd like them to stop trying to bully private businesses and private citizens into observing any holiday according to the proclamations of the AFA.

Pretending to be a victim; telling people that some group is trying to silence them and stifle them
is a time-honored tool of tyrants, particularly those who are trying hard to silence and stifle the public. There is no war on Christmas and the only people who every tried to get Christains to stop celebrating it were other Christians. It's a lie, it's a ploy, it's a trick and it's a war on freedom; a war that we lose by losing our freedom.

The AFA is your enemy whether you love Jesus or never heard of him. The AFA is your enemy if you love America as it was intended to be. Call them, write them, let them know.


mrsleep said...

Tsu Bama Nami. Let the whining continue from Bill-O has his mob.

I don't care really.

I've always been a Merry Christmas guy. To each his own. As long as people share positive, and hopeful sentiments with their fellow man this time of year, I am a happy camper.

mrsleep said...

Sorry about the typo's. Post election hangover I guess.

FYI. Full disclosure. I consumed a bottle of fine French Champagne on election night with my better half. We have been saving the bottle for a special occasion.

I have another bottle of French Champagne, that I will consume when Bush finishes his last day in office. I do like American champagnes, particularly the Gloria Ferrar editions, but the French Champagnes I have were gifts.

RR said...

I'll crack open a bottle of 30 year old Port on Bush's last day.

I was going to crack it open upon my return from Iraq -- but this is a more joyous occasion.

Anonymous said...

I think we should all arrange some type of celebration on that day.

Here's a toast to the future of our Country, and may it be a safe and prosperous place for our children, and our childrens/children.