Saturday, January 24, 2009

Foxed up

President Obama has made so many egregious mistakes that we're all in terrible danger. He's sending the "worst of the worst" from Guantanamo to your children's playgrounds. His appointments can't be trusted and most "shocking" of all, even though Mike Wallace all but forced Chief Justice Roberts to swear him in the second time, Obama isn't really the president because he didn't have his hand on "the Bible." No, I haven't gone completely insane, I'm quoting Fox News. If you watched The Daily Show Thursday night, you saw the following clip:

You see, I'm not making this stuff up. The same people who told you we have to, in the name of freedom and our safety obey the F├╝hrer president and who supported each and every act that brought on our dire predicaments, who insisted that economic collapse was a liberal lie, that we were about to "win" in Iraq every day since we arrived, are telling you this one really can't be obeyed. Of course those with longer memories remember when Bill Clinton wasn't, for some Foxed up reason I no longer remember, really the president either and shouldn't be listened to.

So whether or not Fox lives up to its promise of revealing some hideous hidden "truth" behind every aspect of the Obama presidency once a day for the first hundred days, I won't be watching them. Unfortunately others will and for them the fiction will seem real and the fear will grow. I find it hard to feel any kind of optimism and those who think that we've "won" and that things are in good hands now may soon find that the process of losing started on November 20th.

The people who watch Fox usually don't watch anything else. They have no idea that the lies and distortions they've been hearing are often repudiated and disproved by all the other news services. They haven't a clue that one of the largest anti-American campaigns, indeed the most organized program of treason against truth, justice and democracy is broadcasting 24 hours a day. Fox is using and will use everything they can find to undermine confidence in our government and anything it does and as you can see is hoping our country will fall and our hopes will fail. To me, it constitutes as great a danger to our future as any foreign enemy or global economic collapse. Traitors, saboteurs, liars and purveyors of irrational hate, Fox News is the enemy and anyone who hopes not just for our survival, but our improvement owes it to the world to use every opportunity to expose them.


billie said...

absolutely. it is our duty to be out here refuting every lie and every misstep of the loony right. they want to rewrite history for their legacy of error- and they want to retake what they lost- by 2010. they don't go away- they grow increasingly desperate in their irrelevance but it makes them dangerous. we must be vigilant.

Buffalo said...

They peddle it because it sells. It is what their viewers want to hear because it is what they believe. No matter how bizzare and far-fetched the allegation they eagerly buy into it without a common sense or fact check.

Libby Spencer said...

Brilliant post Fogg. As always and a good reminder that the fight is never over.

Baltazar said...

Thry're bully's,it their way of life.

Capt. Fogg said...

Thanks for the support. I cross posted this to The Reaction and it was like troll bait. Interesting to see what Rush supporters think about this - interesting if you think cleaning septic tanks is interesting, that is.