Friday, March 06, 2009

Obama's bear market

"No thanks, that lifeboat has more equipment than I think it needs, Who could have expected the Liberals to put that iceberg there ( doesn't iceberg sound Jewish?) and besides there's no first class section where my Gucci shoes won't get wet . I think we should all go down with the ship."

Back When George W. Bush set in motion the auto-destruct cycle for our economy, it was customary for the professional blowhards to explain that he had inherited a recession and so it wasn't really fair or proper to call it Bush's recession and since the bubble began to inflate, perhaps we shouldn't call it a recession at all. ( Dow's up, don't bitch that your income isn't.)

Now of course Bush's Debacle is Obama's Bear according to Bloomberg and we can be sure the Republicans at Fox News will explain to us just how he caused it all with his socialist machinations. The recent losses are, says Fox, the market voting against Obama. Let's not dwell on the election they lost when the people voted against Bush.

Unfortunately the Republicans won't go down with this ship. They'll be trying to climb on our shoulders. screaming about "principles" while we drown.


Buffalo said...

You are so right on this one. Which doesn't imply you're usually not right. Not that you're right - more centrist.

Capt. Fogg said...

Um, uh - right.

I think Jesus covered it pretty well with the Mote and Beam parable but everybody talks about Jesus and nobody listens.

It's a transparent diversion. Basically all the funds are "earmarks" unless you want to hand out cash on the street to anyone who comes along -- and of course the loudest protest comes from the senators getting the most money.

The public is watching the market though, and the unemployment figures and they speak for themselves.