Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Not with a bang. . .

. . . But a twitter. An e-mail from my Senator Bill Nelson (D. FL) informs me today that he will begin twittering and NASA has announced that Astronaut in training Mike Massimino will be doing the same. They're drawing a line that I will not cross.

I mean, I still have some pride in being adult and being able to read without moving my lips and able to follow something longer than 140 words without my thoughts wandering toward the need for iPodal noise injection and wiggling in my seat. What's next, the congressional record spelled out letter by letter on alphabet blocks by a fuzzy, green sock puppet? Three body orbital mechanics brought to you by the letter N?

Sure I'm interested in what Nelson has to say and I am interested in space technology -- but. Haven't we had 8 years of the dumbing down of everything already? OK, so maybe it's not quite how the world ends, but it sure looks like the way adulthood ends and as far as I'm concerned, NASA and Nelson and all the other bird brains can twitter this, for all I care.


billie said...

yeah- i don't tweet either. i like the english language too much. i spell everything out in my texts to my husband too. i have email, texts and blogging- and that's enough for me. i am not interested in being social at facebook and i have no desire to join twitter. too bad for all my fans :)

Capt. Fogg said...

The marvelously descriptive nature of the name doesn't help either. Tweeting is for bird brains.