Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cry havoc

If there's anything being shoved down our throats these days, it's the claim that health care reform is being shoved down our throats. It's all part of the game the minority party is playing by trying to make you think the Democrats won the White House by some sort of fluke and that the desire for health care reform wasn't what Obama's majority of voters were hoping for.

It's been a year now and the screaming hasn't let up for a moment, but a recent poll shows that half the country favors the Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act, whether or not you call it ObamaCare and only 43% think it's "too liberal."

It would be amusing of course if the bumper sticker bumpkins did get their "end of an error" by electing Mitt Romney who like the rest of them is giving us that old soft shoe about just how terrible the new law is because as the unimpaired remember, Mitt only a few years ago was hoping his new Massachusetts health care reform would go nationwide. It's easy to call a politician like that a whore, but it's unfair to whores and I don't want to distract from his fellow streetwalker who has been spending a fortune with TV ads warning us of the holocaust, the calamity, the apocalypse sure to wipe us from the earth if we have to have health insurance rather than hope the emergency room can cure our cancer or heart disease -- at public expense. I mean, never mind the war, conquest, famine and death -- this is health care!


Baltazar said...

The amount of waiting in a hospital is dangerous in itself and all he biznessizing is pretty grim too.

Capt. Fogg said...

I've read stories of people being found dead in ER waiting rooms -- unnoticed for a full day.

Of course our premiums and our medical costs reflect the cost of operating hospitals, the spread of disease is furthered by people who can't get long term treatment and emergency services are often swamped with people with minor problems while the patients with life threatening problems wait and wait. . .

I won't even get into the horror of having a child born with a serious condition or losing a spouse because you can't afford treatment, besides that doesn't bother "conservatives" with their "I've got mine and fuck you" morals.

And of course the cost of employee health benefits drives up the prices of American products, drives jobs overseas, is bad for business and reduces the income of those lucky enough to have jobs these days.

And the Republicans like it that way. They get paid to like it that way.