Thursday, June 26, 2014

Not worth saving

Does anyone really still think the USA is a viable country?  Can I avoid calling such a person a delusional fool?  Have we been facilitating a Republican sabotage of our government while obsessing about sniffing out the last racist, wasting so much attention on gay marriage and school shootings, defending against every bogus scandal to come out of the Foxhole that we might as well just hand them the keys and move to Canada?  Show me otherwise!

With the Republicans calling the ultimate failure of  the Neocon Crusade in Iraq "Obama's greatest blunder" and demanding a "game plan" right now, this minute --  with the Supreme Court confirming that Congress is in session if the Republicans say so even if it is not in session and no one is there and so they can impeach the president for making a recess appointment, I think it's time to realize that we've lost, that we're being attacked on so many fronts that the current Iraqi administration has a better chance of survival than the United States government has of  representing its people. No Democratic Party president can perform his job, nothing can get past the Republican Party in the Senate and Republican plants on the Supreme Court are effective in making sure the Republican Corporatist/Christianist agenda has a clear path.

I'm tired of complaining, I'm tired of the self righteous and grossly ineffective opposition with their thousand petty ideologies, their straw men and shibboleths and yes, their lies and delusions.

Maybe it's time to get the hell out now. Now before I have to hear some other Republican howler use the world 'freedom' and I have to do something irresponsible.  Stick it up your arse, America.  I'm done with you.

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