Friday, May 13, 2016

Humpty Trumpty Built a Great Wall.

"But now the big banks are back in the party, pushing for Hillary Clinton to beat Donald Trump."  

Writes Bill Moyers and if you're like most people, seeking signs and marshaling facts to back up your emotionally derived and factless delusions, you'll read that as evidence  that she will be controlled by that nebulous straw man "wall street."   

Didn't really work all the other times financial interests contributed to other candidates, and of course no matter how much some brokerage house gave her, we don't know how much they gave to others, do we?  And of course the only reason people heavily involved in managing the wealth of nations would contribute is because she's a patsy, right?  It's not that highly informed and educated people don't believe Trumptastic Mister Shortfingers is going to make America Great like it was in 1862 or 1929. It's Wall Street.  It's Capitalism and we all know how crooked that is until anyone mentions Socialism.

That's the news in America -- a farrago of fallacy being served even by those presumably smart enough to tell shit from shoe polish selling it to others who think it's shampoo.

Trump is trustworthy because he's rich and Hillary must be a crook because she's rich.  How do we understand this?  Better ask Beyonce because Prince is dead and all the while we hear them pissing themselves lest God suddenly return to kill us all because some former dude walks into the lady's room. I mean that's never happened before without at least a plague of toads ensuing.

Look, Democracy in America doesn't have a chance. It's failing fast because America is the last stronghold of stupid. We've used miraculous information technology to create and maintain ignorance, feed delusion, dress up fake arguments as news and make everyone incoherently outraged on demand.  Hot and cold running Fox and that old slime religion every Sunday.  What a great country and soon to be greater, or whiter if you prefer when we round up and deport 11 million people, establish a State religion and close other houses of worship.  Great again, like when the Conquistadors were here and the Indian hunters and slave drivers and we all had good solid Anglo names like Drumph.

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