Thursday, June 30, 2016

Neither a Borrower nor a Lender Be

"I'm self-funding my own campaign."
— Donald Trump on Monday, February 1st, 2016 in a campaign rally in Iowa

I would promise to strangle the next person who told me Trump is the most trustworthy of candidates because "he financed his own campaign" but really, at my age I lack the stamina.  So many necks (red and otherwise) and so little time.

Besides the shaky argument that he'd be honest by being beholden to no contributor, it's not entirely true since not only does he have donors, but much of that self-funding consists of loans by him to his campaign. Whether or not he intends to use donations to repay himself is unclear either from his record or his promises.   But of course he's hardly refraining from asking for money and apparently in mockery of his accusations of dishonesty against his opponent, he's mocking the law too by soliciting donations from officials of foreign governments on their official e-mail accounts.  Investigation?  Sure maybe 75 years from now when they're done with investigating Clinton for treason while ignoring a Republican Secretary of State for doing the same thing.

Has any candidate done more for ratings than Dishonest Donald? We'll probably hear little about this scandal. (Yeah, yeah, Bloomberg is the Liberal press.) Don't look for even the most "Liberal" of the Liberal press to inconvenience that goose in the laying of it's golden eggs.


Jerry Shepherd said...

I haven't heard the Donald say he will divest his financial interests if he is elected. I surmise he plans to keep paying himself millions while he runs certain enterprises in the dirt and file bankruptcy and keep others financially solvent. The Donald could tank the economy to place himself in an advantaged position. I truly believe he wants to use the Presidency to make himself more wealthy and to use its power to "get even" with past perceived opponents. All the Donald really needs is one term.

Capt. Fogg said...

I don't think he's even revealed all his financial interests and I suspect that he really is all about mo' money, mo' power with a bit of personal revenge thrown in.

I think he'll sink the economy and reduce our country to third world status within months.