Friday, May 12, 2017

A Slow Train Coming

But it's speeding up fast!

Frankly I thought it would take longer, but the Comey firing and Lester Holt's interview have suddenly accelerated the disintegration of Donald J. Trump.

It has gained wide acceptance and indeed Trump actually admitted it on network TV that the FBI Director was fired for refusing to stop the investigation and that Trump called him to choose between his job and his integrity and patriotism -- a test Comey apparently passed. Say what you like about him, he's not one to put loyalty to Trump ahead of his oath of office or to swear a loyalty oath that contradicted it. Will anyone pledge loyalty to this vindictive, childish madman after this?  

Trump once again has been caught in the middle of a lie he's changed several times even while he was telling it. It appears,  as of this morning's twitter excretions that Trump has openly threatened Comey by saying he'd better hope there are no "tapes" of their conversations before he "leaks" further. Yes, that Nixon smell is getting rather strong and no it's not a leak Mr. President. There's nothing classified here. 

As we know, the use of quotes means Trump can say he didn't mean tapes -- and he should say it soon, since recording Comey would have been one more illegality to throw on the bonfire of Trump's vanities when he comes to trial. It's already beyond credibility that Comey would be lying and Trump isn't. Same goes for Sessions and his bogus "recusal" which wasn't actually a recusal. The water around him is warming up rapidly as well.
We're getting into impeachment country now and we've already pulled into the Obstruction of Justice Station and moved beyond this week. Illinois Senator Dick Durban called Trump dangerous on MSNBC this morning and many like me think it's an understatement. Witnessing his escalating fits of rage and meltdowns and the panicked way he's been changing his stories so fast his mouthpieces can't keep up is simply scary, since the tried and true method of thwarting adversities and avoiding consequences is starting a war and declaring special powers. Ask Erdogan and of course -- his mention being predictable -- Hitler.

Even if he doesn't, he's doing damage every day; demanding as he did recently that the electric catapults on all new aircraft carriers be removed and replaced with steam. Perhaps he thinks they'll go back to coal power as well. It's because, as he says, you have to be Albert Einstein to understand "digital." Truly stunning, isn't it? He knows war and he knows nuclear engineering better than the engineers and generals and Admirals and historians, but he hasn't heard of the work of Michael Faraday in electromagnetism in the 1830's and thinks it's "digital."

History repeats itself. The phantom caravan, as Omar sang, returns to the nothing it set out from. The Bible tells us Nebuchadnezzar went mad and grazed the fields like a beast. George III went nuts in his time and we're watching the man with the launch codes grow increasingly confused and desperate and manic.

Give him a chance, say the dwindling but tenacious supporters. I gotta advise them to ask themselves: Do ya feel lucky? Well do ya America?

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