Monday, August 18, 2008

Fay go Away!

If you've been through a direct hit by a category three or four hurricane -- if you've been hit directly by three major hurricanes in 18 months and lived under the imminent threat of several more, you've learned to take them seriously. As with many possibilities of disaster, the waiting is the worst part.

We cut short a cruise this weekend, coming northward up the Indian River as the sun set; gliding into the Manatee Pocket in the dark, the shore lit up with points of light like holiday decorations from houses and marinas and restaurants and resorts, the engines rumbling softly at idle as the full moon rose pumpkin orange in the east, it was tempting to feel profound awe and reverie and indeed I did, although the mood was deeply eroded by the possibility of yet another of nature's screaming tantrums.

And so we sit and wait and pull up the National Hurricane Center's report again although we know it will be the same as it was ten minutes ago and hope that Fay will somehow continue to drift westward and stay away from my house, my boat and all the things people hold dear and that hurricanes love to smash and scatter.

So I'll make one last trip in the rain, making sure we have gas for the generator, that the spider web of dock lines are properly set, that my prescriptions are filled, the emergency batteries for the Amateur radio equipment are charged and then, with little else to do, I will take some aspirin for the headache, tums for the heartburn, blog a bit for the anxiety -- and wait.



Best of luck, Fogg. A little less risk here where I am. How about a hurricane party before this season is over?

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the emergency stash of brandy and cigars.

Be safe, stay calm, and stay dry.


Capt. Fogg said...

Egads - don't mention the "H" word!

Actually it seems to be heading your way as of the 5:00 AM report. I'm in the soup right now and have been on the air since 4:00. I do county emergency radio communications.

We've been through far worse, so I can't complain. I'll pass on the cigars and brandy, but keep the coffee coming!

Baltazar said...

Looking at NOAA map it looks like Indian River area is right in the eye..WOW


Next time, remind me to build a walk-in closet with more leg room.

Capt. Fogg said...

I've had the same thoughts. Some local developers are advertising built-in safe rooms with amenities.

The day before this thing hit, people were still scoffing at anyone who decided to take precautions. You've got to wonder how often people have to get flooded, flattened by falling roofs and trees before they start to take tropical weather seriously.