Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah who?

Perhaps only in Alaska can you find such a perfect woman: huntin', fishin' wildlife preserve drillin' Oil industry sympathetic, NRA member and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who might just pull in a disaffected Hillary supporter or two. As Creature at The Reaction says this morning:
" hasn't McCain has just blown his experience argument out of the water?"
Experience: did anyone really place much store in that trope of desperation anyway? Nixon had all kinds of experience and Dan Quayle was a Vice President. Abe Lincoln had practically none. Still it's amusing and glaringly inconsistent amidst the constant yapping about Obama's inexperience. Of course I wonder whether anything John McCain ever said or did exhibited any consistency other than the passion to win at all costs?


Anonymous said...

They wanted someone experienced in changing diapers, just in case McCain needs help with his depends.

She'll also be responsible for making sure McCain stays awake during key foreign policy briefings.

A mayor of a town of a population of ~ 5,000 people just over two years ago? A baby who is four months old? Wow.

I really surprised he didn't select Carly Fiorina instead.

He got a Soccer Mom as a running mate.


Anonymous said...

I have a brilliant idea for a campaign commercial. It's brutally frank.

All you have is a dark screen and you hear, a heart beating. Bump, Bump, Bump, Bump.

Then your hear the heart monitor flatlining -----------------

Then some comment about Palin, being a heart beat away from the Presidency.

It is not my kind of advertisement that I like, but it would be powerfully effective.


Capt. Fogg said...

As everyone is saying - what happened to the "experience" gambit?

The best she can hope for is to appeal to "values" voters who actually don't give a damn about anything but censoring the public library for things Christians don't like.

Good luck to them both. This sort of thing is enough to make me give up and start a new hobby.