Friday, May 19, 2006

Fundies want your daughter to die

Now imagine they came up with a vaccine that prevented nearly all lung cancer. Imagine it works best when given to young people. You’ll probably imagine too that everyone would be happy about wiping out this scourge, nor would it occur to you that someone might attempt to ban the vaccine because it’s morally wrong to smoke, the disease itself is the will of God and therefore holy.

If you didn’t think anyone would be that demented, you probably haven’t heard of the Christian right; the people who would rather have drug addicts get AIDS and spread it around than distribute needles, who would rather have our young people get AIDS and various other STD than to inform them about condoms.

Those of us more familiar with the mental disease called “family Values” in America aren’t surprised that the State supported madmen are up in arms about a new vaccine that promises to wipe out nearly all cervical cancer. In their sick and perverted minds, the vaccine, Gardasil, produced by Merck interferes not only with the spread of this deadly disease that God loves to use as punishment, but promotes sex. Because 80% of American adults are infected with this virus it’s important to start treatment before puberty and possible exposure to the virus. It's a far better thing say the Values Vipers to let them risk death then to allow them to risk the fictitious damnation of their sick dreams. Not having sex is the only way to prevent "sin" and it's sinful to interfere with the diseases God likes to punish us with. They've been preaching this since the middle ages - railing aginst personal hygene while killing Jews, Muslims and heretics to fight the plague.

A Food and Drug Administration advisory committee has voted 13 to 0 to endorse the vaccine but Conservative groups, including the Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America, and the National Abstinence Clearinghouse, have already suggested that vaccinating young girls would send them a message that premarital sex is acceptable.

So obviously the Religious Right doesn’t care if your kids die, whether it’s from AIDS or the HPV that causes almost 4000 deaths every year in American women. The “Values Voters” or sanctimonious evil-doers as I call them, care far more for their malignant doctrines than they do for life or liberty. More than anyone else on the planet, they hate us for our freedom.

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d nova said...

thinking 4 urself is NOT a traditional family value.