Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Devil and Rupert Murdoch

Keith Olbermann is a frequent and honest critic of the Bush administration’s actions and inactions; one of all too few in the “Mainstream Media” and that of course makes him a scapegoat and a target for the snickering, sneering septic slimebags of the right wing media.  Take for instance, the New York Post, owned by the sinister Rupert Murdoch.

It isn’t long ago that at least 5 people were killed by pulmonary anthrax sent through the mail, but it’s not terrorism or even worthy of note when white powders are received by critics of the ruling junta, because when Keith Olbermann  got some unknown powder along with a note saying it was payback for criticizing the Führer and called 911, it was to the Post, a case of  the MSNBC loudmouth flipping out” a case of  silly childish panic unworthy of sympathy.  It’s just hilarious that he got a checkup at the hospital and the Post just had to finish the bit of rancid, reeking yellow journalism, entitled Powder Puff Spooks Keith with speculation as to whether the hospital gave the little boy a lollipop.

Is any attempt to appear like a legitimate newspaper foreign to the Post? Where are the words to describe this mockery of truth, justice and what remains of American journalistic integrity?  I don’t have them.  I can’t describe my contempt for and loathing of the trolls and troglodytes that publish the Post and all the other evil carrion vultures of the Right that circle the moribund republic for whose bones and rotting flesh they hunger.

For offenses far milder we fought a revolution and founded a nation. Against enemies no worse we launched wars.  What can one think of the 300 million voluntary serfs who sit by silently while our country dies from the inside out?

Is it too late to save America?  As long as the headlines, the Blogs, the magazines and the mouths of the newsreaders are full of such sewage as excreted by Murdoch’s legion of demons and as long as we ignore it or chuckle at it or let it go past us politely, we are not only doomed, but unworthy of liberty.  Where is the courage to protest?  


d nova said...

it's no koinkydoink that fox=666.

mrsleep said...

The courage is right here.

RR said...

unworthy of liberty indeed...

Americans don't know what it is to live in a free society... they reallly don't understand