Monday, December 24, 2007

Bah, humbug

Today he shall be lifted up and tomorrow he shall not be found, because he is returned unto his dust and his thought has come to nothing

-1 Macabees 2:63-


Mike Huckabee is a humbug. When he said

"But if you mention the name of Jesus, as I found out recently, it upsets the whole world. Forgive me, but I thought that was the point of the whole day"
yesterday, he knew damn well that mentioning the name Jesus and telling the country he hopes to be the president of that it needs a religious revival are two very different things. Like the humbug and huckster he is, he's trying to appear to be a victim of those who simply demand religious freedom. That freedom is based on the idea that neither the government nor it's officials have the right to tell you what to believe or what not to believe.

If I believe the point of the whole day is retail; if I believe that the holiday was invented to promote Deus Sol Invictus, which it was, or was the birthday of Mithras, which it was, or a pagan Norse festival, which it was; if I believe that Jesus was born on an unspecified day in April as Christian sources aver, it's my guaranteed right as an American citizen to do that and it's my guaranteed right not to be badgered for my beliefs by the government.

If Huckabee thinks that Yahweh has juggled the laws of the universe or at least the polls to assure that he succeeds; if Huckabee thinks that God's arms are so short he can't reach the ground without the help of Huckabee, then I hope that some divine force exists to grind his arrogance into the dust. Of course I will be satisfied if he simply loses because my fellow Americans are fed up with candidates who hide behind mythology and think they have the power to tell us whether our beliefs are good or not.

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