Friday, November 09, 2012

After the Ball was over

Drive down Florida's A1A in my town and you'd think the campaign was still going on.  The roadside is defaced with mile after mile of campaign signs, sometimes only a few feet apart, but you'd also think only Republicans were running.  The Democratic signs disappeared the day after the election but the Republican campaign workers, most of whom were bussed in from Texas at the expense of shadowy Republican campaign financiers (is there another kind?) seem either not to give a damn about the District they spent tens of millions to acquire, or are just not around any more.

But perhaps it's part of a pattern of abandoning anyone no longer immediately useful to Romney or the GOP after the ball is over.   When the attempt has failed, someone has got to walk home and it's not going to be Mitt.  We can dispose of our ten million worth of plastic signs on our own and those dedicated campaign workers who tried to settle up with their Boston hotel keepers after the victory party went sour found that their credit cards had been cancelled and they were on their own with some explainin' to do.  Wham, bam, thank you Ma'am, you've been Romneyed. Screwed by the candidate who cares.

No word about the fleet of huge Corporate jets parked at Logan, but I'm sure those credit cards were still golden and no CEO's were harmed or financially embarrassed in the making of this fiasco.

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