Sunday, November 11, 2012

Let them secede!

I wonder, should we classify the GOP as some sort of cancer?  A malignant thing that keeps creeping and metastasizing into your vital organs, coming back, time after time?  I could mention Allen West, former candidate for Florida House District 18 who having lost, refuses to concede and keeps filing suit after suit claiming election improprieties for which there is no evidence other than his amazement that people would reject a convicted war criminal posing as a hero and a gentleman. The recounting and the re-recounting continues today at the behest of a cadre of  GOP funded lawyers from Boca Raton.

And then there's a Texas Gopper who is calling for secession because Texas is just to special to be governed from Washington and by “baby-murdering, tax-raising socialists.”   Who ever heard of a cancer that tries to remove itself?  We're all "maggots" for having elected Obama he says: a man who has "apparent contempt for White people."  

Say, didn't the Bush Doctrine assert that we have the right to invade a country that we perceive to be a threat?  Nuke Texas!  Of course that's a joke, but I'm proposing it mostly to be able to giggle when some roaming Republican quotes it as proof that "Liberals" are dangerous.  Hell, let them go and put up a damned wall. We don't need that cancer infecting America. They're not even worth keeping as proof of the rank, dishonorable, despicable and disgusting nature of the tumor that replaced the Conservatives since, like Zombies, they're past persuasion and the normal people already know. Give Texas back to Mexico!

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