Thursday, July 14, 2016

Pounds and Pence

Trump has “never forgotten or forsaken the people who work with their hands,” trumpets Indiana Governor Mike Pence, hoping to advance to more power like some eager Red Guard, little red book waver from the 70's or a North Korean trying to exhibit such unrestrained enthusiasm for the Beloved Leader that he won't be shot.

Put me in coach! I wanna be the next Dan Quayle!

But yeah, it could be worse and it might well be. We don't really know who Trumplestiltskin will actually choose and it might yet be that most reprehensible and hypocritical of creatures, Newt Gingrich.  It could be anyone and after all, he said he likes to be unpredictable. He is that indeed, and predictably so.

Donald of course is one of those corporations that make money by stiffing their suppliers, going from one to another as he's cut off for non-payment or paying 80% after 120 days and telling you to sue him and hoping you'll just go bankrupt. I used to have customers like that and I remember people who screw people with their checkbooks as part of their business plan.

He'll need a mouthpiece like Pence to make us forget his scams and deceptions, but almost any Republican is an expert in creating false realities in which Newt had the moral high ground for trying to unseat Clinton while actually engaged in coitus with a young lady, not his wife.

So sure, Trump never forgets the little guy. He'd be a little guy himself if he didn't have the public to bilk, cheat and screw. He doesn't have to admit it though, or apologize or repay. He'll just appoint people to define it away. We won't remember. We never do.


Green Eagle said...

I am an architect, although I have spent my career in the movie business. When I was in architecture, I learned that this was a standard tactic of crooked contractors, which you run into over and over again. The only difference with Trump is that he started out with his daddy's millions, so he was able to run this scam on a larger scale.

Capt. Fogg said...

I once had a company that supplied commercial/industrial water treatment equipment. You'd be surprised - or maybe not - how many large institutions and businesses financed their purchases by ignoring net 30 day invoices for 6 months. The worst were hospitals, for some reason. For a small company, this can be a huge problem because I had to pay my invoices in many cases in 10 days. Yes, it's a rampant practice and it's one of the reasons I cringe when people praise a candidate for being a "successful business man." Lots of roads to success and many of them crooked. And doesn't a pickpocket work with his hands?

In some circles, "crooked contractor" is a redundant phrase.