Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Star Light, Star Bright

"Fluch ist auch ein Segen, Nacht ist auch eine Sonne,"
 -Friedrich Nietzsche- Also Sprach Zarathustra 

 One of the difficulties in searching for exoplanets is seeing the minuscule light reflected from a planet against the massive glare of a star. It's the same thing with politics, only in reverse. The dim flicker of the FBI's decision that Mrs. Clinton's email problem didn't rise to the level of justifying prosecution, no doubt tempered by the observation that George Bush's Secretary of State, General Colin Powell, did the same thing, somehow seems still to be outshining the grave damage done to the world by that administration and the consequences we're still struggling with.

 But of course you don't campaign with the facts you actually have, you campaign with the facts you pretend you have and one still hears breathless talk of treason and espionage from the Trump campaign. It creates a sort of fake light that masks the idiocies still so gallantly streaming from those puckered lips. It's not easy though.

 Today's Trumpet blast from the golden-haired boy is that  more dictators like Saddam Hussein  "who knew how to deal with terrorists.*

That's an excellent observation at a time when the motivation for attacking the US is fueled by the fact that we've interfered with democracy and supported vicious tyrants like Saddam Hussein for so long.

What can I say but Shock and Awe?

 A curse is also a blessing, the night is also a sun. Light is dark, dark light and Trump will makes us great.

 * Nerve gas, torture, germ warfare summary executions, conquest and more.

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