Sunday, August 07, 2005

The code of Bush-ido

Bushido: The way of the warrior. George is a War President and proud of it. He may be our first War President, since no other has to my knowledge made such a spectacularly pretentious claim or dared wear pilot’s garb for world wide television. George is a War President and a Hard Worker. He works hard – really hard and he’s worked hard at telling us about how hard he works.

So have another well earned month and a quarter off Mr. President, playing cowboy at your pretend ranch. It’s your reward for being a War President and Hard Worker, which was your reward for taking a four year vacation playing pilot and not embarrassing Daddy during the Viet Nam War. War Pilot that is – I should have said War Pilot.

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Crankyboy said...

Don't forget the royalties from the Bush flight suit action figure. Besides war president sounds better during a war on terror than what he'd be during the new Struggle Agianst Global Extremism which would be a struggle president.