Monday, August 29, 2005

Death (tax) where is thy sting?

The Liberals are taking YOUR money and giving it to people too lazy to work. If you didn’t know that, you haven’t been listening to AM radio. I’m not talking about Amplitude Modulation; I’m talking about Angry Moron radio. AM radio is one of the cheapest and most effective mouthpieces the gang of thugs and thieves that now control our Government own. It pumps out megawatts of mendacity 24 hours a day and more on Sunday.

AM radio is where you can be enraged about medical procedures they mostly invented to make you angry. You can hear fabricated stories about a judicial system that lets criminals go, about Liberal plots to redistribute your meager holdings to the poor (and lazy) and a holy war that we would soon win in glorious fashion if only those Hippies and Jane Fonda weren’t burning the flag and the Liberal Press wasn’t making up stories about casualties.

But if the Republican crusaders will howl like an abused pit bull at the thought of spending money on Government services, they seem to be quite happy to spend the lives of their sons and daughters and husbands and wives on the very thing that’s taking billions out of their pockets and their children’s pockets and will continue to do so for the rest of their lives. The real Death Tax is the war in Iraq.

Treason where is thy stink?

So for all the swooning over invisible entities, magic, legend and a flat Earth, I begin none the less to see a pattern of Natural Law at work within the Party of God. In Newtonian fashion, every action seems to produce an equal and opposite idiocy. Every truth creates a falsehood; every move toward justice creates its opposite. Every honorable action creates a dishonorable response.

Hence we have people demonstrating in favor of those who killed their kids while those who only want an explanation are portrayed as traitors. Does anyone really have to ask for whom the bell tolls?


Crankyboy said...

Your best post ever. Worthy of a link.

Notromemos said...

Fogg, the essence of what you say conforms with my thoughts as well with the caveat that the problem is greater than GWB and Co. Yes, the war and other deficiencies are the real death taxes. Some of the other deficiencies are out of control free enterprise and globalization, unconcionable consumption, and unfunded spending. These are fundamental problems that go beyond political lines. It is an American problem and you can't just blame it on a couple of groups of people and wash your hands of it. American venturism and this ideology that we can help everybody with democracy isn't anything new. So while you want to make political hay, you just feed one side of a misdirected, quagmirish political paralysis. Our political machine is corrupted and broken. We can't even address our energy needs. Why? Partisanship. Just blaming the other side without regard to ourselves. My opinion is that Pres. Bush is the most unwise and incompetent president in my lifetime, but, it doesn't change my view that all of us Americans are responsible and have collectively let our arrogance, greed, waste, and lack of the will to do anything other than argue prevent us from true progress on anything. Sad to say,when I see our stagnation, I am reminded of the Iraqi negotiations for their new constitution. Washington was right; a two party system will destoy us. Are you a Kurd, Sunni, or Shiite? Of course I jest.

Capt. Fogg said...

While I don't disagree, I can't imagine how a more cooperative effort by the Democrats would induce the other party to stop stealing us blind or to stop their Crusade against a secular constitution or in any other way. Yes, just as my first grade teacher said - it takes two to have a fight, but the party being strangled has far fewer options. Liberal voices are not being heard and the other side uses the massive power of the government and the media they own to stifle any attempt at real dialog.