Monday, October 03, 2005

Georgie and Harriet

It’s not unusual for a Supreme Court Judge not to have been a Judge before appointment and although in the Bush Administration it’s not unusual for any appointee to have no background whatever in any related field, the performance of Bush insiders is enough to scare me when thinking of what kind of Judge Harriet Miers will make. I’m assuming of course that she will be confirmed by the Senate, since there appears at this time to be no controversial record other than her having resigned from a scandal-ridden Texas Lottery Board. We just don’t have a Judicial record to inspect, but will she be a Presidential lackey in the mold of Karl Rove or I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby?

Noon update:

It appears that Miss Miers is more of a puzzler than I thought, having made $1000 donations to the DNC and to Al Gore's campaign back in 1988 according to AMERICAblog. Of course she's apparently changed sides since then, donating only to Republicans. She seems to be on record as saying George W. Bush is one of the most brilliant people she's ever met. Maybe she doesn't get out much.

For those who groaned aloud when her affiliation with Exodus Ministries was announced, no it's not Exodus International, the organization that attempts to "cure" gays through Jesus - something Jesus never seems to have had any interest in doing. Exodus Ministries seems to be there to help ex-convicts re-integrate into society. The Daily Curmudgeon speculates as to her sexual orientation, something which will undoubtedly get him into hot water with feminists. There has been of course similar speculation regarding Chief Justice Roberts' orientation as well but Capt Fogg is not fond of sailing into uncharted waters without good reason.


Crankyboy said...

They thought Souter was gay until they dug up three past girlfriends. All I said was lets hope she is closeted and wakes up otherwise she could be a self-hating lesbian. Could be. Show me some past boyfriends who don't look and act like Liberace.

Crankyboy said...

P.S. This is diversity? A white, single, no kids woman who never has been a judge and held low level local posts?

Crankyboy said...

I wish there was an Exodus organization that cured Republicans.

Capt. Fogg said...

As yet there is no cure for that malady. Perhaps stem cell research will find a way to grow the missing parts of the brain.