Saturday, March 03, 2007

Andrew Coulter?

I wish the media would stop calling Ann Coulter a "conservative commentator." There is nothing conservative about calling everyone who disagrees with her a "faggot" and frankly her vampire hairdo and her skanky black dresses make me suspect that her obsession with gender identity is a cover up. Look at the size of her Adam's Apple!

If as she says, Clinton's randyness is evidence of "latent homosexuality" what then do we make of "Andy" Coulter's apparent cenobitic lifestyle? Is she simply unwilling to reveal her pre-op tranny status or is her status as the Siren of STD better known than I thought? In any event you never see her romantically linked with anyone male or female and how wrong could we be to suspect something like bestiality? Perhaps in place of the sex drive normal humans possess, some accident in utero (or in ovo) prevented its development and replaced it with a quaquaversal hatred for anything good or decent -- or anything at all.

The Impolitic suggests that the neocons need to cull Coulter. I would agree only as far as a literal interpretation of the word goes, although It's possible that destroying her, whether with a stake through the place where a heart normally is found or by exposing her for what she is, would simply make her more dangerous. It's also possible that continuing to link her to the Republicans and the Religious nuts will drag them downward to the same hell Coulter emerged from.

Let's hope.


d.K. said...

Referring to Ann Coulter on This Week yesterday, George Will said, "the less said about him, the better." Is there something you and will know, that you're not telling us?

Capt. Fogg said...

She seems so obsessed with homosexuality, it's only normal to think such fear and loathing could only come from someone with gender issues.

I have see trannies who look more feminine and then there's the fact that this middle aged woman never seems to have had a date - unless she's eten them all and hid the remains. . . .

Anyway, since this miscreant has no inhibitions about saying absolutely anything she can think of to harm people of intelligence and decency, why not turn it against her/him/it?

The world is truly better off without her and I'm not ashamed to say that I hope something unspeakable horrible happens to her - something agonizing and prolonged and humiliating and terminal.