Monday, March 19, 2007

Iraq? it's like Disneyland!

Only about a quarter of Iraqis feel safe in their own homes, many of them are living in camps and their children unable to go to school. 78% want us out and 69% say we're making it worse by being there. Yet you'd hardly think there was any discomfort, or a mass exodus of refugees or massive dislocations to watch CNN today. What we're getting is that it's a picnic for the kids - it's amusing that they know to put their hands on their heads when the see American troops and that they're hardly bothered when their houses are invaded and turned inside out by heavily armed Americans as many as three times a week. I just saw a long sequence of snapshots of troops in their armor handing out candy and beanie babies, which is an indication that these are decent men and women wearing the camouflage, but it's hardly a substitute for security, heat, shelter and running water, not to speak of the ability to go to school or to the market without a good chance of being blown to bits.

Nah, no water, no electricity, no homes, no problem. Forced relocations and ethnic cleansing? Well cleanliness is good, isn't it? CNN says the kids know all about freedom and democracy and how America is going to give it to them.

It's good to have a free and independent press.


Intellectual Insurgent said...

Since it's so great there, our leaders should be inspired to send their kids there.

Capt. Fogg said...

Absolutely, I know of a couple of drunken, dissolute and not too bright girls who would make great soldiers - and they're not gay either.