Friday, March 16, 2007

Brownback mountain

Certainty is a fool's game, but there are two things I am certain of, foolishly or not.

  • Sam Brownback is Gay (just look at the tie.)
  • The Religious Right remains morally bankrupt.

With threats to civilization on the increase, with turmoil and instability mounting in places like Pakistan edging us closer to global war; with our justice system in crises, our military in crisis, our health care system in crisis and damn near everything else in this world in crisis, all the drooling dipshits of the religious right can offer us are smug polemics about threats to their artificially constructed system of arbitrary moral absolutes. Sam Brownback, Bigot, Republican, Kansas Senator, moral moron and would-be President thinks the business of America is witch hunting and that it's always open season. When you're the biggest enemy of freedom in America, what else can you do but follow the path of Hitler and find a scapegoat?

Besides the traitorous attempt to distract America from the dangers that face us, these sectarian insurgents would truly love to replace human values with a rigid and arbitrary code traceable not to the results of human actions but to a Deity they invent for the purpose of sanctifying their sick motives; a Deity accessible only through them.

What kind of demented degenerate will take time off the job for which we pay him to go on rapturous, religious rants with no purpose other than to defame harmless people, including people who have volunteered to risk their lives in defense of our country? You're looking at him.
You're hearing from a guy lecturing us on morality from the top of a mountain of money supplied by Jack Abramoff.

Take your perverted opinions and shove them where it's dark and warm Brownback - you know you'd love it.


Reign of Reason said...

There's nothing to add... you've summed up the religious-right and there inane agenda perfectly.

Why do so many Americans worry about two boys kissing in a world filled with radical Muslims, nuclear weapons, millions of malnourished children, and AID epidemic killing millions, etc. etc. etc.

If people can't see the resemblance to the rise of Nazism I don't know what else can convince them... Talk about constructing demons: the real ones are out there for all to see -- and Mr. Brownback is one of them.

Libby Spencer said...

Well said. Brownback - brown shit- oops I meant brown shirt (a little Freudian slip there)...

I've been finding the parallels since 2002. It astounds me that more people can't connect the dots.

d.K. said...

"Brownback Mountain." You hit another homerun, Capt. Fogg! Thanks for the laugh in this otherwise very serious post.

Intellectual Insurgent said...

As always, well said.