Saturday, March 03, 2007


Constitution Is Abandoned, of course -- did you think it stood for Central Intelligence Agency?

Khaled el-Masri has a similar name to someone the CIA was looking for and so the German Citizen was grabbed in Macedonia, taken to Afghanistan, beaten and tortured for 5 months and then dumped with a "never mind" which is as close to justice he's ever going to get. A Federal Appeals Court refused to hear his case against the CIA because that would render the CIA responsible for its actions and we can't have that. Next thing you know people would be asking King George to be responsible for his actions!

This is a precedent that essentially makes the CIA a nation unto itself responsible only to itself and answerable only to George, Rex Dei Gratia who is himself responsible only to a "higher Father." Can you imagine a country where you are not allowed to defend yourself because the facts are the property of the government and they can deny you the use of them? Don't bother to imagine - the day is here and the country is the United States of America; the day that justice died.

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