Monday, March 19, 2007

Illegal! Illegal! Illegal!

The sin of Sodom was incivility to strangers. According to the story, Abraham argued with God that he shouldn't punish them as a group if there were innocents amongst them and God agreed.
May God have such mercy on Palm Beach County, Florida.

I read today in the Palm Beach post, about the Puac family. Francisco Puac worked in Guatemala investigating the drug cartels, a profession that's not often good for the health. His cover blown and on the run, he was granted asylum in the US in 2001, but his family thought they would be better off using 6 month tourist visas which would give them more flexibility. They were wrong and unless a hearing tomorrow goes their way, they will be deported.

Deborah Puac attends High School in affluent Boca Raton. She's enrolled in High School and as an athlete is hoping to attend the Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps' national championships in Pensacola in a few weeks. Our military of course, desperately needs such people, but the Christians of Palm Beach County do not. Deprived of witches and in a country that allows Jews and Heretics civil rights, they need "illegals" to burn. The article is festooned with comments stressing the danger to jobs and to our future if she's allowed to remain, Spanish accent and all. You'd never judge by watching them drive, but the Palm Beachers are very, very concerned with the technicalities of the law.

I suspect that the Immigration service will overlook the technicalities and allow the Puacs to remain as a family; at least I hope so, but then I'm not a Christian, I'm not worried about some job and I have a conscience. As for the Churchgoing cowards, bigots and sinners of Palm Beach County -- I wish there were a God to blow them all to hell.


Crankyboy said...

So you're saying Palm Beach County isn't a good place to live? At least they have flouride in their drinking water. Any decent place to live in Florida?

Capt. Fogg said...

To listen to some of them you'd think there was LSD in the drinking water or maybe that some of them were drinking something stronger than water.

Of course bigotry, hatred and hysteria are addictive too, but don't think it's only in Florida.

d.K. said...

Another great example of our broken immigration policy. They'll probably let them stay.

This reminds me of Tip O'Neill's story of telling President Reagan about the crisis in higher education. He spoke about a young woman who couldn't go to college, because her parents made just over the limit for her to be eligible for grants or loans, but too little to afford tuition. Reagan sympathized, understood the problem, and asked an aide if he could look into it, to find some way to help that girl go to school, while an incredulous O'Neil looked on...