Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Al Qaeda in Qalifornia

So it was a little kid playing with matches. Does anyone think Fox News is going to apologize for trying to pin it on "terrorists" or Qaeda operatives in California? I'm not going to hold my breath and I wouldn't be surprised if they continued the idiocy and told us "some people say" there's a Kiddy Qaeda training camp over the border in Tijuana or that the Teletubbies were behind it all.

And speaking of dangerous idiots, Ralph Nader, the most egotistical man in America who got 0.38% of the votes in the last election and helped make sure George W. Bush stayed in office is suing the DNC for conspiring to keep him off the ballot. Hey, he might have got 0.39 or 0.4% if they hadn't interfered and we probably wouldn't be in Iraq and millions of lives wouldn't have been ruined.

Hell if he'd never been born, General Motors might have had a car that could compete with the Europeans. It's time to hang it up Ralph. You know less about government than you know about engineering or driving a car. You have nothing to offer but to keep telling us how corrupt everything is. We already know and we know you have no plan and no ability to do a damn thing about it.


d nova said...

geez! what brought that on? got outta bed on wrong side?

don' blame nader 4 gm's greed. he wanted safer cars, not thirstier ones.

trying 2 keep him off ballot was one o dumbest moves kerry's campaign made. waste o time n enrgy that probly alienated quite a few folk.

nader's on same side as u n i.

Capt. Fogg said...

Greed had nothing to do with the Corvair. Nader went after the car's swing axle suspension and ignored the same technology used on Porsche, VW, FIAT and others. The most annoying part was that GM had moved to 4 joint IRS already and was no longer using it. The public saw Porsche as a great handling car and the Corvair as a death trap because that amateur engineer who never in his life has driven a Corvair, Porsche or anything else wanted to be famous.

He never was qualified to tell anyone anything about the subject and he's still not qualified to do anything but jabber about how corrupt everything is. He has no plans and ability to do anything to reform anything. He's as dishonest as the worst of them.

d nova said...
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d nova said...

greed has 2 do w/ why gm & detroit in general hav troubl competing w/ other countries.

i'll let this speak 4 me re corvair:

Capt. Fogg said...

Yes, and if you read it through, it agrees with the NHTSA and with me. The car was not above criticism, but his was so poorly documented and unfairly presented it aroused the ire of every automotive engineer I've met.

The reason GM has trouble competing is largely to do with advertising and the fashion for imports. If you look at the Diamond Star Mitsubishi story, it seems that customers will pay quite a bit more for an identical car with a japanese name, even though it's an american made car. Why? It's easier to buy a fashion than to create a superior design. Advertising is cheaper than engineering in a country where nobody knows how anything works. We want to pay more for something with an exotic name. That's why a "venti" costs more than a large coffee and a grilled cheese sandwich doubles in price when you call it a panini.

Most of the "innovations" and "Technology" they brag about were invented here and often a long time ago and GM is 20 years ahead of everybody else with using Kevlar and carbon fiber composites, hydroforming, Magnesium alloy suspension and a whole lot of other things.

d nova said...

if u really think it agrees w/ u, read it mo carefully.

re competition: folk prefer foreign bcuz detroit 4 so many years refused 2 make small cars. they pressured workers 2 support them w/ predictions o job losses.