Monday, October 08, 2007

We who are about to die

Perhaps you saw it on CNN last night. Perhaps it made you sick, or furious or both, but When Mitt Romney, the picture of foppish, condescending Republican snobbery snubbed the man in the Wheelchair, whose continued existence depends on the relief given from the nausea caused by his muscular dystrophy medication. I wrote him off as anyone who deserved to breathe the air polluted by his party and his supporters.

"I am not in favor of medical marijuana being legal in the country," said the man in the $1500 suit and $400 haircut, turning away with a smile to chat with someone else. Of course not. It grows like a weed, can't be patented, makes no money for his "base" and although no credible evidence of it's harmfulness has ever emerged in thousands of years, it's the only drug too dangerous for a doctor to prescribe even for a terminal patient. How should I describe a man who to avoid annoying his ignorant, superstitious, demented and greedy backers would turn his back on a dying man; a fixed and phony smile on his cosmetically prepared face?

I really hope Mitt dies painfully during a fit of projectile vomiting while loaded up to the gills with chemotherapy drugs because medical cannabis could well make the difference between life and death and he isn't worthy of a good life or a good death.

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Intellectual Insurgent said...

Well said.

If marijuana were legal, Big Pharma would pretty much go out of business.

Capt. Fogg said...

Yes and so would many privately managed prisons and countless DEA employees.

All the reading I've done shows that there were primarily two main reasons for the falsified evidence and forged documents that were used to make it illegal in 1937 - to retain enforcement jobs lost by the repeal of prohibition and to have something to use against Mexican immigrants.

If you ever want to lose whatever faith you have left in our government, just investigate our war on drugs.

d.K. said...

Part of the reason marijuana remains illegal is because, as you say, it is a weed, it can't be monopolized, and its illegality creates and maintains tons of jobs. But it still confounds on how people can be so rabidly anti-cannibus that they'd deny it to a dying person who says it relieves pain and has palliative and other beneficial properties. Some time back, I read one person's explanation, that seemed finally satisying to me. Marijuana can make you feel good, and so in our hypocritical and puritanical society, that surely means it's evil. Makes perfect sense. And, I'd bet the most vocal opponents to any use of marijuana whatsoever today smoked it freely in the 1960s and are the same ones who lurk in men's bathroom stalls while decrying evil homosexuality, and cheat and divorce while passing laws to strengthen the family. No science to back this last assertion up, but I have a hunch.

Capt. Fogg said...

I have the same hunch. Mitt suggested to the man that he try the synthetic stuff, which doesn't work nearly as well and doesn't make you feel better - and so is more religiously correct. We're here to suffer, after all and I hope Mitt gains God's favor by suffering hideously for a very, very ling time.

Now of course you can prescribe morphine and other really dangerous things, but this non-addictive, less psychoactive than beer stuff is listed as the most dangerous drug in the universe despite the opposition of the AMA.

Interesting too, that when it was made illegal, a forged study from the AMA was used and is still official despite 70 years of that organization refuting it.

expatbrian said...

Wow, this story really pissed you off! Don't blame you a bit. Any compassionate and knowledgeable person would support medicinal marijuana of course.

To me, the bigger issue is, why is it that these jerks are the very best we can come up with to run this country? And worse than that is, people actually vote for them.

Capt. Fogg said...

What made me the angriest was not Romney's opinion - uninformed and insincere as it may be. The way he turned his back on a sick and pathetic constituent, refusing to dignify his opinion or his condition - the way he essentially set himself up above anyone else as though HIS goddamned opinion thundered down from Olympus upon the unworthy was what made me see him as the greedy scum unworthy to run an Amway distributorship much less a country of 300 million people.