Thursday, October 25, 2007

Black pots, black kettles

The state's license plates may claim that Oklahoma is OK, but that's a matter of opinion. Oklahoma Governor's Ethnic American Advisory Council recently gave out 149 copies of the Koran or Qur'an if you prefer, to the 149 Senators and Representatives of this state that includes perhaps 50,000 citizens who identify themselves as Muslims. Not long ago a Baptist group sent them all Christian Bibles.

Representative Rex Duncan, a Republican of course, isn't happy with that and he, along with more than a dozen of his cultured associates, will be returning the books because, as he says:
"Most Oklahomans do not endorse the idea of killing innocent women and children in the name of ideology."
I have to wonder if he will be returning his Bible as well, because if he gets around to reading it in its entirety he will doubtless notice the many instances wherein the followers of that book's traditions are exhorted to do exactly that.

Of course the standard Christian excuse is that no one is really innocent, but if one makes that case, one loses the logical consistency needed to admonish the Muslims for their alleged blood lust. Indeed the traditional New Testament interpretation of the Gospels has all Jews guilty of killing Jesus. How can they be deemed innocent victims?

One has also to question the Republican support for the killing of countless innocent Iraqis in the name of Bush's "plan B" ideology which is the need to spread Democracy amongst the heathen. It's a bit disingenuous to talk about the slaughter of the innocents when the body count stands at 20 or 30 to one in favor of the Bible worshippers.

One has to wonder what would happen if someone sent them the Sutras.


Intellectual Insurgent said...

It's fashionable to hate Muslims and Islam these days. Let's think of these guys as Vogue fashionistas, following what the fashion industry tells them to do.

No more or less stupid than most of America these days, unfortunately.

Capt. Fogg said...

Yes it is and Mexicans too.

Too bad we don't have the godless commies to kick around any more (unless you ask Lou Dobbs)