Friday, October 05, 2007

Phony soldiers

Of course Rush "phony soldier" Limbaugh supports the troops. Congress would love to congratulate him for it because they both agree that our fighting men and women need to keep fighting and shut up instead of embarrassing the people who are tirelessly supporting them. I had it pointed out to me by readers of my recent post about Rush and his accusation of phoniness against troops that don't think we're conducting God's own war the way God himself would conduct it, that Rush was only talking about those still in boot camp that were afraid to go and perhaps just signed on for the good pay and benefits.

Never mind the fellow who took a piece of shrapnel in the head - he's just like a suicide bomber: a terrorist sent by the Democrats, but what about the Minnesota National Guard soldiers sent home after 22 months of hell and exactly 24 hours short of receiving the educational benefits they would have been entitled to? Perhaps the appearance of these heavily armed 2600 men on Rush's $26,000,000 ocean view front lawn in beautiful West Palm Beach would give him the opportunity to call each and every one a phony, a terrorist. Perhaps he could explain why he gets massive tax cuts while they get shit - and support, of course. You can't forget about his tireless support.

Yes sir, Congress and Balloon Butt Limbaugh will be speaking up any minute now to express their legendary support - just like the support they showed for keeping them there for extended tours and short leave so as not to "disgrace" them and "embolden" alqaedainiraq. Any time now.

Sometimes I ruminate about how small the offenses of the British government were that caused the American revolution when compared to the outrages of our own time. Perhaps there never would have been a revolution if Washington had to contend with the likes of our current overlords.

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