Thursday, July 09, 2009

No, Mr. Bond -- I expect you to lie

The only creativity coming out of the Republican tribe these days seems to center around new and ever more precious ways to denounce Barak Obama. Still sweating from the effort it took to convince themselves that Obama Supporters see him as the second coming, they're mocking him for not being a messiah.

Take Senator Kit Bond (R-MO) for instance. Hoping you won't remember George Bush's pathetic swoons about looking into Vladimir Putin's eyes and seeing a soul mate, Bond told reporters yesterday that The president's trip to Moscow was a huge pile of shit because nothing was accomplished but an agreement to reduce the huge pile of nukes. Obama should, says Bond, have stopped the repression of the Russian media and commanded them to sanction North Korea if he were a president worth his salt. Obama has simply failed, in one magical moment, to make Russia an obedient, American client state -- as John McCain and Sarah Palin surely would have done with a great flourish of bluster, threat and bravado - and at a lower cost. George Bush? Who?

Posted from Blue Moon,
Port Salerno, Florida


mrsleep said...

Lugar actually praised President Obama's visit.

mrsleep said...

Blue Moon. A nice wheat beer.

Capt. Fogg said...

Hey, they're not all idiots all of the time.

Don't like the beer very much, but I love my boat!

TRUTH 101 said...

If you look at it in this context it's more understandable what Kit Bond was getting at. Obama is a man of intelligence. He may actually be able to accomplish great things. Where as Bush was an idiot incapable of accomplishing anything.

If you read between the lines, Bond was clandestindly telling us Bush was an idiot. When he's not too inebriated, Bond can say something useful.