Saturday, July 04, 2009

Whither Sarah?

I have to say I'm grateful that Sarah Palin has somewhat abated the psychotic media obsession with a dead neurotic surgery addict. She has the media and the bloggers back to doing what we all do best: speculating. So why is she doing this? It's nearly impossible to tell from her tangled and mangled speech, which of course makes iher verbal mulch the the perfect medium for hydroponic conjecture.

David Wallechinsky seems to think Fox has made her an offer she can't refuse and we'll be seeing her in their little shop of horrors before long. He offers no evidence to interfere with belief, but it's filling and very satisfying, like comfort food, so I'll go along with it.

Max Blumenthal has what I think is a more credible scenario, based around the theory that an Alaska construction company, the same one that built the huge sports complex in Wasilla ( putting the town into serious debt) built her house as an inducement to get that job and future jobs after she became Governor. Todd and she have had personal and financial ties to the company of long standing.

Blumenthal also speculates about the effect a recent Salon article might have had on her decision. Revelations about her attempts to kill the stories about Husband Todd's affiliation with that Alaska secessionist group and provide false cover stories, may be about to blow up on her. Who knows, but of course the delicious irony, considering her attempts to portray Barak Obama as a "terrorist" who hates America, makes the idea hard to resist.

There are so many possibilities to delight the palate that I may be sorry if and when we ever figure out why! In a way I would love to see her as the next Republican presidential candidate, since she's so amazingly unqualified, but to be disgraced as a hypocrite and possible felon would satisfy my taste for justice perfectly. The worst outcome, in my opinion, would be to have her take her place on the Fox News Chorus, where hypocrisy, incompetence, dishonesty, lack of intelligence, irrational hostility and incipient dementia are prime qualifications. She could be as big a threat to our country as she would be in the white house, and of course there are no term limits on Fox.


d.K. said...

Sarah Palin is NUTS. That there are still a few people who don't know that or worse, don't seem to care about that and still hope she makes to the White House is shocking. I wouldn't feel comfortable with her serving as dog-catcher. She has brought all of this onto herself. I saw the WSJ editorial today where they notice that even with their unfair coverage of Dan Quayle, at least the media left his kids alone (but of course, Dan Quayle didn't use his children as political props, so covering them was not then fair game). I too hope she'll stay around, because she's a useful reminder of her party's mental bankruptcy. And thankfully, only 40 percent of this country is crazy enough to support her (yikes...) and that's not enough to put her charge of anything at the national level. She's much better known than GW Bush was. Fool me once... and all that.

mrsleep said...

Batshit crazy.