Saturday, July 25, 2009

The truth is left-wing

I guess I'm a limp-minded, lily livered lefty. Truth itself of course is an "extremist, partisan" position according to John Klein, president of CNN and I'm a lefty for asserting that Barak Obama's passport is legitimate, has been furnished to the press, has been independently verified by the Governor of Hawaii and looks just like every other Hawaiian birth certificate. God knows, I must be Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin rolled into one for stating that I have a valid Florida drivers license and that it really isn't an Indonesian forgery because we just can't know for sure, can we?

As to the turgidity of my brain and the color of my liver, they're both just fine -- if you believe doctors who after all tend to be liberal. I might after all be an android since I haven't provided a birth certificate, even though I actually did. There's always a controversy; there is always the difficulty of telling truth from political propaganda when you're either schizophrenic or so dishonest the difference is moot.

So my IQ and my liver make it OK for Dobbs to continue with his "nudge, wink, you know what I'm saying" program of libelous innuendo and I guess that since all is fair by his lights, I can point out that there is no proof he isn't a charter member of NAMBLA either. He hasn't furnished a shred of evidence so you can't just dimiss the controversy and enquiring minds want to know, after all - even the limp ones.

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