Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thought crimes, thoughtless laws

Earlier this year I watched some dramatic HD TV of the treasure hunting ship Odyssey bringing up objects from ancient ships. There seemed to be no problem recovering gold and jewellery that was stolen from the Inca or mined with their slave labor, but when they found an Ivory tusk belonging to an elephant that died hundreds of years ago, they had to throw it back in the ocean in order to stop the poaching of elephants. Does this seem absurd to you?

I read today that Fox News Producer Aaron Bruns just received a ten year sentence for having child pornography images on his computer. I also read today that "Palm Beach Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was just released after serving 13 months of his 18-month sentence for procuring a young girl for prostitution and soliciting prostitution. One would think that pictures of child exploitation were ten times worse than the exploitation of children, (or that billionaires buy better lawyers.)

Maybe that Greek lady with the blindfold and scales needs to take a peek at what's done by impassioned people in the name of justice and maybe put in some earplugs so that their howls and bellows won't produce any more stupidly written and ill conceived laws.

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