Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dead at last

I'm not always a fan of Christopher Hitchens although I'd never deny his intelligence, but he and I see eye to eye regarding the late Jerry Fallwell. Dead at last, good God almighty, dead at last.

I don't have the time and patience to expatiate on the offenses of the "reverend" Fallwell but it's something that needs to be done and done often, lest we forget that this Bible thumping bigot and hate monger thrived on our our reluctance to turn an honest and critical eye on anyone calling himself Reverend; our forbearance when it comes to perceiving and punishing the evil of religious leaders, annointed, ordained or self-appointed, be they Mullah or Pastor, Reverend or Rabbi, Priest or Pundit.

Hitchens' erudite excoriation of Fallwell and his profession on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 expresses my sentiments admirably, if more politely than I would do. Perhaps you've seen it, but even so it's worth seeing again.

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Reign of Reason said...

As you know, I think Hitchen's comments on Falwell capture my sentiments precisely...

The world is a better place now that he's left it.

d.K. said...

I agree with everything Hitchens says here (and remarkably articulately - almost spellboundingly), and am even more surprised that I could listen and appreciate his analysis, since usually, whether I agree with him or not, his arrogance and mannerisms prevent me from listening for more than a minute or so... Thanks for sharing this.

d.K. said...

Again, I just caught the "organised crime" tag. Too funny!

Jim Martin said...

Hated the way he used his pulpit for the consolidation of power in the far-right, but, I knew him for 40 years. I expect a Baptist preacher from the south to be against gays and abortion and anything progressive. I expect them to be a little ignorant and biased as hell. He didn't disappoint in any area.
That being said, I liked talking with him and on some Southern level I respected him for the simple reason that he was my elder and a minister.
It would have been impossible for me to meet him in a restaurant and to be anything but polite and respectful after he asked about my life and how my children were doing.
Make no mistake, he was a shepherd to his flock. He took care of them and they loved him back.
This is the end of an era and I'm glad it's over.

Capt. Fogg said...

Sorry to say, I couldn't dredge up any measure of respect beyond the bare minimum any living creature deserves, be it vermin or virus. Anybody can be a minister. I have a mail-order ordination myself and I don't expect any admiration of consideration for it, nor do I grant any and for those small minded, hate filled and puffed up bigots who dare to lecture to and berate their betters about what some boogey man deity wants them to do, I have nothing but loathing, contempt and disgust.

The world is far better off without him, but I can't believe it's the end of any era. There are others and will be others until we either destroy ourselves in the name of one ignorant god or another or evolve into something less ape-like.

Even Hitler could be charming and friendly to children and dogs - it means nothing

Jim Martin said...

If I was looking from any distance I would agree with you.
I opposed him locally, but I will not trash him now that he's dead.
His legacy will not be long lasting, he will be forgotten quite rapidly.
I would be surprised if his so-called university or cult programming center, if you wish, continues to thrive without the force of his personality.

Capt. Fogg said...

Oh - and neither one of them seemed to think too much of Jews either.

d.K. said...


Capt. Fogg said...

That any man's death diminishes me is a theme I've written about over and again. I just cannot in this case find any excuse for seeing him as anything more than the enemy of everything I hold good and true and dear. A hundred generations of my ancestors have been hounded and murdered by people like him.

I'm sure he will fade away quickly - most of his ilk do, but his anti-Semitism; his assurance that God doesn't listen to the prayers of Jews and his smug assurances that God blew up the World Trade Center because were weren't persecuting people sufficiently will stay with me a long time and I am afraid will remain as part of our culture. I have no doubt that he will be replaced with something similarly ugly. It's too good a gig not to attract some other maggot.

Sadly, this blaspheming toad had no concept of what Jesus was about and if I were a Christian I would dispise him more than I already do. I have come to believe that politeness and respect and any other form of allowing dignity to immoral, avaricious, mean, cruel and thoroughly stupid people who make a life out of blending God with their own vanity is wrong and while I can forgive most anyone for anything I cannot forgive Fallwell.