Thursday, May 03, 2007

Soft landing?

It seems perhaps that there really were whores involved in the Don Imus implosion and that they didn't play basketball. An interesting extraction from Imus' contract with CBS posted on the Anderson Cooper 360° blog today shows that the network did more than tolerate the abrasive and outrageous commentary, they encouraged him to step over the line.

"Company [CBS Radio] acknowledges its familiarity with the program Conducted by Artist [Imus] on the station [WFAN] prior to company's ownership thereof and it, and its familiarity with the reviews and comments, both favorable and unfavorable concerning Artist and his material by critics, reviewers and writers of the various media both in New York and nationally. Company acknowledges that Artist's services to be rendered hereunder are of a unique, extraordinary, irreverent, intellectual, topical, controversial and personal character and that programs of the same general type and nature containing these components are desired by Company and are consistent with Company rules and policies."

Could be that Imus' fall will be cushioned by landing on the $40 million remaining due on the balance of his contract with CBS if his wrongful termination suit goes his way.

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