Friday, May 04, 2007

The Liberal Media

Four years ago, in a galaxy far, far too close for comfort. . .

"I will bet you the best dinner in the gaslight district of San Diego that military action will not last more than a week"
  • Bill O'Reilly 1/29/03

What about your tongue on toast - medium rare?

"There is a certain amount of pop-psychology in America that the Shia can't get along with the Sunni. . . There's almost no evidence for that at all."
  • Bill Kristol 4/1/03

At least none that you can see with your head up Bush's ass, Billy.

"Over the next couple of weeks when we find the Chemical weapons this guy was amassing. . . the left is going to have to hang its head for three or four more years."
  • Dick Morris 4/9/03

Yeah, let me know when I can start, Dick.

"The war was the hard part. . . and it gets easier, I mean, setting up a Democracy is hard, but not as hard as winning a war."
  • Fred Barnes 4/10/03

Yep, any day now, Fred.

"The three week swing through Iraq has utterly shattered skeptic's complaints."
  • Tony Snow 4/13/03

Credibility always was your strong suit.

"The only people who think this wasn't a victory are the upper West Side Liberals and a few people here in Washington"
  • Charles Krauthammer 4/19/03

Is that straight jacket too tight, Chuckie?

"Americans love having a guy as president, a guy who has a little swagger. . . the women like this war. I think we like having a hero as our president. . we're not like the Brits"
  • Chris Matthews 5/1/03

no, it's more like we're from the Planet of the Apes.

"We had controversial wars that divided the country. This war united the country and brought the military back"
  • Howard Fineman 5/7/03

Just which country are we talking about here Howie?.

"American forces are being love-bombed by Baghdadis on a daily basis. . .Everywhere they go, Americans are being cheered and thanked profusely"
  • Mona Charen 5/9/03

Say, is that a bomb in that guy's pocket or is he just happy to see me?

"There is a lot of work left to do but all the naysayers have been humiliated so far. . . The final word on this is hooray"
  • Morton Kondrake 4/12/03

How would you like those words served Morty? Deep-fried or maybe just shoved up your ass?

"It's amazing that more than two weeks into the liberation of Iraq. . . the Anti-War crowd is still spinning a doomsday scenario."
  • Brendan Miniter 4/8/03

Still spinning And isn't that amazing, as the guy at Ronco used to say? Good thing we've got people like you to tell it like it is.

Do I really have to add anything to this? How long did it take for us to forget that Bush insisted that going to war without a concrete timetable for exit was unforgivable and how soon did he and we start blaming "Liberals" for the same sentiment? Fool me twice and shame on me - fool me forever and I'm a conservative.


Jim Martin said...

This one is my all time favorite:

In his testimony, Mr. Wolfowitz ticked off several reasons why he believed a much smaller coalition peacekeeping force than General Shinseki envisioned would be sufficient to police and rebuild postwar Iraq. He said there was no history of ethnic strife in Iraq, as there was in Bosnia or Kosovo. He said Iraqi civilians would welcome an American-led liberation force that "stayed as long as necessary but left as soon as possible," but would oppose a long-term occupation force. And he said that nations that oppose war with Iraq would likely sign up to help rebuild it. "I would expect that even countries like France will have a strong interest in assisting Iraq in reconstruction," Mr. Wolfowitz said. He added that many Iraqi expatriates would likely return home to help.

Pentagon freaking out about Shinseki. Feb. 28, 2003

France, huh?

d.K. said...

Pretty inconvenient, that darn memory-thing. And since you can't take back what you've said and written, it's nice that new lies can be repeated often enough to make the old ones fade away, and new interpretations for the old lies can be developed. And best of all, you can always attack those who point out these lies with unrelated accusations, to shift the argument away from focusing on the old lies.

Capt. Fogg said...

My favorite is the Chris Matthews bit about how men like his swagger and women like his war.

It's one thing to be a freaking delusional idiot and quite another to look down your nose at all those elitist, liberal, Francophile PBS watching fools who don't agree with you, even though you're the delusional idiot who is always, always, always wrong.

How do people like him look in the mirror?

d.K. said...
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d.K. said...

Capt. Fogg:
I'll bet you're a hoot at a cocktail party.

I'm laughing right now, with images of little Texan grade-school bullies being sent to the principal's office for playground taunts like calling other children, "you GD francophile, PBS watchin' SOB!..." Too funny!

Capt. Fogg said...

Don't forget where I live - in the reddest county in a red state. I think I'd be tossed out of the yacht club, if not into the Everglades, if I let my politics be known.