Saturday, May 26, 2007

McCain's last stand

Setting a timetable is like "waving a white flag to al Qaeda" according to John McCain who seems unaware of the difference between the Saudi millionaire living unmolested in a cave in Afghanistan and the religious militants blowing up American troops and Iraqis of various backgrounds in Baghdad.

It's a wonderful analogy of course and to me reminiscent of the strategy that cost General George Armstrong Custer his life and the lives of his troops. Custer, of course, was subsequently reinvented as a hero, but I think the chance McCain once had to be seen as valiant is long gone, what with his fatuous support of every idiotic, lunatic element in the Republican party. His knee-jerk resort to vicious ad hominem attacks doesn't help either. Replying to Senator Obama's comment on McCain's need for a flak jacket when visiting Baghdad, his staff tossed out
"Obama wouldn't know the difference between an RPG and a bong."
The comment of course is meant to both smear Obama with the taint of drug use while inflating McCain's military background in another pathetic and untenable occupation but it also reminds us of the much decorated Custer's military background and how much it helped him make good military and moral decisions. It reminds me that fighting the Indians "over there rather than here" worked out better for the Indians.

A moronic and irrelevant comment indeed -- and it begs us to speculate as to whether McCain knows Integrity isn't a Japanese car. I wonder if he's actually stupid enough to think Bush's "surge" isn't like trying to fight a forest fire by adding a squirt gun to the fire hoses and that no matter how much time you give it to work, you'll only lose the forest and probably get burned in the process. No, I don't think he's that stupid by nature. I think he's just so greedy to be President that he will reduce a situation far more complex than he admits; far more costly of human life, far more likely to inflame the world and far more difficult of resolution to stupid analogies, slogans and infantile name calling. Sitting Bull and Custer; slinging bull and McCain -- different battlefields, same results.

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