Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mice and men

Of course Bush's reasons for having invaded Iraq have changed seamlessly from well before the first bomb was dropped, but so have his stated goals and his definition of "Victory." If he has any skill as a president, it's his ability to do this kind of thing without any fast eye blink or twitch that might signal his bluff. As to his self definition though, his technique is a little bit rougher, having moved from uniter-not-divider to warpresident to decider and now, with a childish little smirk that would have earned him an Oscar if he were playing poor retarded Lennie in Of Mice and Men telling us only he gets to take care of the rabbits -- he's the Commander Guy.

Sometimes I'm just speechless.


Reign of Reason said...

What do the 30 or so % of the populace who still support this guy think when they hear such things? Do they simply filter them out? Erase them from memory?

I'm guessing not... They probably get an image of "The Commander Guy!" on the cover of a new comic when they hear such silliness.

A national embarrassment...

d.K. said...

Capt. Fogg:

Your tag "mental illness" seems somehow very generous. I don't know what the accurate replacement term might be. Pathological? Sick? Nuts? Mad? Insane? Cookoo...?Nothing seems to capture it. You're the more polished wordsmith - any ideas?

Capt. Fogg said...

The few people I know who still don't think Bush is cuckoo for cocoa pops really don't read newspapers or listen to anything but Rush and Fox. They really don't have any facts at all.

If I had the initiative I would invest some money in "action figures" of Bush in tights, cape and propeller beanie and sell them as Commander Guy. Maybe a few side kicks if the thing takes off -- like Condo Lizard and Cheney the Hutt.