Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Aryan Nation

It's like Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman or Godzilla Vs. any of the other rubber monsters he was set up against in the movies; one ludicrous thing against another makes for bad movies. It makes the US into a bad movie too when we put our near-idolatrous worship of the "troops" against our hysterical phobia about Latin American illegals. One way or another, the winner will be a monster.

Yaderlin Hiraldo entered the US illegally from the Dominican Republic in 2001 and she married Army specialist Alex Jimenez in 2004. Her green card was in the works as they say. Jiminez is one of those missing troops who was taken prisoner and not heard from again until his ID card turned up in an Al Qaeda safe house and a video was found that claimed he had been killed. It's likely that he is dead, but nobody knows for sure whether Yaderlin is a widow. The country was saddened when these men went missing and all the usual rhetoric about supporting the troops was vented. Most of that rhetoric is meant to serve Bush's program of blaming America for his military losses, but all in all, it's a lot of hot air. They're certainly not going to support Mrs. Jiminez, they're going to deport her and if she wants her application to have a chance, she's going to have to leave the country and wait ten years.

So thanks Alex for your service. We're sorry you may have died under horrible circumstances and because of incompetent leaders, but we're not sorry enough that we'll treat your widow like a human being, even though we love to get all gooey about the sanctity of marriage - what with her Hispanic origin and all. We will be happy to support some nice blond white troops, but not your sort, so get the hell out of here, we've got to get ready for the 4th of July celebrations where we bow down to our own graven image and chastise Liberals for not supporting the troops.

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expatbrian said...

First, thks for your comments at World Gone Mad. Came over to your digs just now and low and behold, you stole my thunder! The Jiminez story was gonna be my headline today! Well, I'm still gonna do it and refer to yours. Your last paragraph is better than I would have done so hope you don't mind if I quote it.

expatbrian said...

BTW, notice that your comments only accept Blogger or Google accts. Might wanna change that as some potential commenters may not have either.

Capt. Fogg said...

Quotes are always appreciated - particularly by those who aren't going to tell the world I'm full of it, which I presume you aren't!

I turned off anonymous comments because, in effect, it had become ad hominem comments, but I may consider turning it back on again.