Friday, June 29, 2007

Press one for CNN-speak

CNN this morning wasn't, according to Betty Nguyen, waiting for pictures of the defused Mercedes car bomb in London. They weren't looking for them, seeking them or searching for them - they were "efforting" them.

Frankly, I'm getting as disgusted with CNN-speak as I am with Fox lies. It really doesn't bother me to have to press one for English, but when I want to hear the news in our allegedly common tongue, I would prefer it to be real English, not the babble of illiterates "efforting" to sound educated by butchering the language.

For all the "English only" types out there - here's a plan. Let's ship this sorry crew over to Telemundo and I'm sure their linguistic abuses will have enough "negative impact" on Spanish Speakers to send them fleeing to English as a second language classes.

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brian said...

You're right to point out that CNN is taking unfortunately liberties with English. But they are only running with the journalist pack, who follow absurd suggestions from who knows whom, with all the critical thought of those wanna-be models on that Tara Banks show. The latest memo from corporate: drop "is", "if", "in" and other "insignificant" little words. Listen for it and cringe.