Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Keep it to yourself

There have been some, but not many events in the American political circus that have left me feeling almost as bilious as last night's Democratic revival meeting. Ronald Reagan's colonoscopy photos on TV for one and the detailed descriptions of Bill Clinton's dalliance posted on the Internet by the very same Republicans who were trying to make it illegal to talk about sex in cyberspace. Way too much information, as the cliche goes. I want to know more about all the candidates, but I don't to share a confessional any more than I want to share a bathroom with them.

I smell the same flatus-in-the-elevator, dirty laundry funk in the fulsome proclamations of fatuous faith by people claiming to be capable of filling the most powerful office on the planet. I don't want to know that the guy who feels chock full of sin has a finger on the button or can't get through a marital crisis without invoking invisible spirits and claiming fealty to a supernatural master with inclinations toward world destruction. I'm not impressed with someone who needs the spectre of eternal punishment resting on his shoulder to be able to make a moral or ethical decision. I'm just not impressed with faith at all; it's a sign of weakness.

Although I guess it's best that I know whatever batshit beliefs a candidate has, I still can't see such lapses of decorum as anything but vulgar if they are sincere and anything but disgusting if they are not.

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Reign of Reason said...

So true.

How the fear of god became a virtuous motivation of moral action I'll never understand. I personally have enough grey matter between my ears to realize that the "golden rule" is really a quite good distillation of moral teaching. Those that blindly admit of "revealed moral truth" are NOT qualified to occupy the high office they seek. Amazingly, the rest of the civilized world seems to realize this, but the nation with the most nuclear weapons still fears a god that promises to destroy this earth with fire and brimstone...