Saturday, June 02, 2007

If you're white, you're all right

If you're brown, stick around

Well maybe not. Lou Dobbs seemed irate last night during his regular evening diatribe about illegal immigration. It seems he feels that Bush is pushing the notion that if you're against his immigration bill, you're a racist. He's right to say it's not necessarily so, but racists certainly have made immigration hysteria one of their favorite tools. Rage against Mexicans is not limited to illegals although my southern racist neighbors do assume they all ( with the exception of our Attorney General) are and all need to be deported after a bit of torture.

Northern racists like Bill O'Reilly are a bit more articulate about their concern for the dilution of America's non-existent ethnic, religious and racial purity and political prostitutes like John McCain are happy to back him up. It really isn't illegals that bother these people, it's Mexicans; it's brown people. When Lyin' Bill asked McCain last Wednesday whether immigration could "change -- pardon the pun -- the whole complexion of America." McCain responded, "You're right."

I won't pardon the pun, thank you. If that's not racism, I'm George Wallace. If it's not racist and xenophobic Christianist tribalism to whine about the impending doom of the White Christian power structure, I'm the Easter Bunny.


Intellectual Insurgent said...

Yet another tool in the fear arsenal. The list gets longer each day. America should fear, Arabs, Muslims, bird flu, illegal "aliens", "communist" China, Blacks and, this week's special in the discount aisle is TB.

This would be mildly comical if so many idiots didn't follow along.

Capt. Fogg said...

Don't forget flouride in the water, genetically engineered tomatoes, dehydration, toxins in your bloodstream, polio vaccinations and cell phones. Oh yes, and the 400,962 things that give you cancer.