Sunday, June 03, 2007

God wasn't great enough this time

Although I'm cynical enough to suspect every report of a plot to blow up anything American of being exaggerated, if not invented, it seems as though there was a plot by religious fundamentalists to do serious harm to New York's JFK airport. Be it a gift to the fear mongers in Washington or not, it's significant to notice that this plot was not foiled by "fighting them over there" nor was it the work of qualified people, trained in Afghanistan.

It was nipped in the bud and long before they had explosives or money or a concrete enough plan to do any harm. The plotters were from Guyana and Trinidad and we stopped them with police work here, not through invading Venezuela.

I'm just sayin'.


Jim Martin said...

Police work, hell you can stop them terrorists by po-lice work.
Special ops, you know SEAL's and Green Berets and all of them boys.
You got to kill them over there son, you can't let them get over here.
The FBI? What the hell do they know about catching terrorists?

Capt. Fogg said...

OK, maybe we should invade Venezuela - at least they have oil.

d nova said...

right! everyplace w/ oil eventually seems 2 bcome our enemy.