Thursday, June 28, 2007

Syrian Missile crisis?

Pandora may have unleashed a world of woes, but the woes unleashed by the Bush Family are a cash cow of unprecedented size for war profiteers: the corporations who get Carte Blanche no bid contracts and of course the arms dealers and manufacturers both Bush and Cheney are affiliated with. Both Russia and Saudi Arabia and perhaps China stand to profit substantially from the administration's lust to attack Iran, but who is concerned with the likely outcomes?

Syria, the end of whose nuclear program was vaunted as a benefit of Bush's attack on Iraq has a mutual defense pact with Iran and in an act that conjures up the Cuban Missile Crisis, has agreed to accept the installation of Iranian owned, Russian built missiles on their soil.

The threat to US troops in Iraq may not be as serious as the threat to Israel, but it will require more arms and equipment and more money in the coffers of the multinational military-industrial complex. That we have an administration with family and business ties to the arms trade gives me little confidence in their intentions. Iran is in the position where their only deterrent to invasion is a nuclear one and invasion seems ever more likely with warships amassing around them. Sales are brisk and getting better and when or if the nukes begin to pop and millions die and the world is changed, they can come out of their bunkers owning a much bigger chunk of what's left than those of us who don't have bunkers.

Bush is no Kennedy and who can be sure he really has any interest in preventing continued escalation of a war in the Middle East? He himself is besieged and his time is growing short. He has set up the mechanism to allow himself absolute, unimpeded power. All he needs is a national emergency and with his connections, that should be a snap.


Intellectual Insurgent said...

I just shake my head in disbelief each day. It's sad and it's sickening how bloodthirsty our nation has become and, as a consequence, has pushed other nations to desperate measures.

mrsleep said...

Ditto. In our household, I am the one who typically rants, and my wife wants me to tone it down, as she worries my actions in public forums will draw the attention of whacko's.

You can tell when things are getting so bad in this country, that now she walks around the house muttering to herself or yelling at pundits on the TV.