Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Child of a lesser God

If we're all Godless, what kind of a God must Ann Coulter have? Any entity that would prompt her to act as she does would likely be described as something else; something quite different than is common in the recognized Great Religions. Her higher power seems to require that hearts be cut out or throats be garroted to honor the Dark Mother, Kali. Her verbal Thuggee seems to be as mindlessly reflexive as the chomp of a Venus fly trap, her vituperation as unrelated to any cognitive process as the strike of any pit viper.

On Chriss Matthews' Hardball yesterday, in the midst of her saying that her only regret of all the mean, ugly, gratuitously hate filled ejaculations was her erstwhile support of George Bush, who none the less remains "magnificent" as concerns the murder of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children, she was interrupted by a call from Elizabeth Edwards. Watch as she smirks and twitters as she's politely asked to stop the personal attacks, to stop mocking parents with dead children, to stop the wishes for Democratic candidates to be killed. Just watch her brush off any opposition as fund raising, as censorship. Watch her lips sneer, imagine the nictitating membrane flick across her reptilian eyes hidden by glasses too dark for Ray Charles. She makes a lot of money from it, she says - that's all that matters. She can't imagine any other motivation.

"You had a column a couple years ago which made fun of the moment of Charlie Dean's death and suggested that my husband had a bumper sticker on the back of his car that said, 'ask me about my dead son.' This is not legitimate political dialogue" said Mrs. Edwards.

To Coulter, Edwards' grief is a ploy to make money and not a good one because Coulter made more money by it as she proudly claims. What else do we need to know about her?

"So I've learned my lesson, if I'm gonna say anything about John Edwards in the future, I'll just wish he'd been killed in a terrorist assassination plot."
we watch her say it on a video clip. She was misquoted, says Ann, until you show her the video, or it was years ago, or it was out of context, until you show her the context - and then it was just a joke. Don't you Godless liberals get a joke?

Can't we see, says she that Hillary Clinton is pathetic because she got where she is by marrying Bill and Ann is not pathetic because she got out of a felony charge by sleeping with an FBI agent? No sense of humor amongst the Godless.

So here's a joke for you Ann. I hope everyone you care about; everyone you love, dies miserably and slowly so that I can laugh and mock and giggle and sneer. Let them scream in agony so that with every tear, I can accuse you of profiting by it. Of course it's a joke, because you are incapable of human emotion - get it? Funny - joke - right?


d.K. said...

I saw the Chris Matthew's clip. I couldn't help noticing that, while Elizabeth Edwards drew applause from the crowd, there remained those close up holding signs that said "marry me, Ann". What does this say about us! It's a free country (theoretically), so except for gays and other minorities, I guess we can believe and do what we want, but along with that comes personal responsibility. Advocating death by terror, and appealing to the most depraved elements within us for profit, is sad reflection on us. Shame.

Crankyboy said...

I saw the video and said, "uh oh, Capt. Fogg is going to have a stroke." That's how she hopes to win by getting her critics to have heart attacks after listening to the most toxic speech in politics. She's a vaudville act. Chris Matthews and GMA should be ashamed of themselves. But they too only care about ratings which is saying they only care money. Just like Ann Cunter. And that's no joke or mispelling.

mrsleep said...

Annie, is a sad excuse for a human being. At best you could call her inhuman. Her God is the almighty dollar. Her God is herself. She worships her own image, and feeds off attention. Whether is comes from a suckup like Sean Hannity, who worships the ground she slithers on.

In the animal kingdom, she would be a leech. She is a parasite.

If there is a Hell, she is destined, for an eternity of incalculable suffering, and I might say "well deserved".

Capt. Fogg said...