Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Conversations overheard

A TV was on in the doctor's waiting room and Creepy Craig's lawyer was on NBC telling us that Craig had a good chance of saying "never mind" to the Minnesota courts and getting off on the misdemeanor charges, but of course Congress was wrong, says he, to censure a Senator for a misdemeanor - that should be and always has been reserved for treason, high crimes and misdemeanors quoth he. Glossing over the obvious contradiction, let's go straight to lyin' Larry Craig's support of impeachment of Bill Clinton.

I really do like lawyers and the entertainment they provide. The idea of changing your mind and getting a re-trial not on the basis of new information but because some lawyer says he can get you off and getting off is "exoneration" is worth a real chuckle.

But speaking of chuckleheads, the news continued with Matt Lauer and Bill Clinton. The goon sitting next to me, wearing an "Army Dad" t-shirt began to explain to his wife that Bill was laughing at us. "here we threw him out of office and he's getting free medical care for life and a free office and a pension and police protection and you and I are paying for it - no wonder he's laughing." He had coasted right through the Larry Craig story. I didn't know Mars had an army.

Sitting at the Yacht Club on a recent Wednesday evening -- we don't usually talk about politics, but the town and the membership tend to be iron clad Republicans -- the fellow across the table began a joke about Bush and two other ex presidents. I tried to hide my cringe, thinking taxes and Monica and those damned liberals were about to be presented, but no, it turned out to be a joke about Bush's stupidity. Maybe Lincoln was right that you can't fool them all, all of the time.

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