Friday, September 07, 2007

This way to the egress - part II

APEC / OPEC. Austria, /Australia; the only connection between these organizations and countries is the addled brain and braying mouth of the man who controls America's largest white-collar crime cartel and America's Nukes.

In Australia for the APEC conference, the embarrassing Mr. Bush proudly presented his dimwitted confusion and once again the Commander guy couldn't find the exit and someone had to show him the door, a metaphor in action that can't have escaped notice or comparison and surely prompted the cringing majority of Americans to be be happy to show him the door as soon as possible.

Check Raw Story for the video


Intellectual Insurgent said...

It's priceless. At least he's good for an occasional laugh here and there.

Capt. Fogg said...

In most medieval countries, the jester works for the king. In the US the jester is the king.

expatbrian said...

You nailed it here. When all is said and done and with all the adjectives that could be used to describe him, "embarrassing" is the best. Our president embarrasses us. What a testament. What a legacy.